Solaris Tannery was born in 1998 from an idea of Ulisse Conti, a very well-known tanner of the Leather District in Tuscany. 
Ulisse Conti belongs to a category of tanners that you can’t find anymore, if you don’t have one of them in your family. Why? Because what he did, just as someone of his generation, belongs to the anecdotic of Tanning for a series of social, educational and legislative changes.
When he was younger, he got up early to go to work in the tannery, with all sacrifices, including physical ones, that this work implied especially at that time. From the humblest job positions to the realization of the great dream and a great responsibility: the birth of his tannery.
You can imagine how precious Ulysses’ experience, intended as knowledge of leathers and the various working phases, was for the Solaris Tannery.





Tanning involves a series of chemical treatments and mechanical operations that transform the animal skins and hides from raw product into semi-finished product making it more resistant, flexible, durable and stable over time.


Special Requests?

We can produce specific products with a thickness up to 4mm, as well as various types of leather for belts or woven wire. Contact us for your specific request, you will be surely satisfied!