Solaris Tannery was born in 1998 from an idea of Ulisse Conti, a very well-known tanner of the Leather District in Tuscany. Ulisse Conti belongs to a category of tanners that you can’t find anymore, if you don’t have one of them in your family. Why? Because what he did, just as someone of his generation, belongs to the anecdotic of Tanning for a series of social, educational and legislative changes. When he was younger, he got up early to go to work in the tannery, with all sacrifices, including physical ones, that this work implied especially at that time. From the humblest job positions to the realization of the great dream and a great responsibility: the birth of his tannery. You can imagine how precious Ulysses’ experience, intended as knowledge of leathers and the various working phases, was for the Solaris Tannery.


The eldest son Nicola Conti has been since 2017 on the head of the administrative and commercial management of the company. In step with the day times and aiming to renewal, he innovated the company, having always a particular care for details, quality and dialogue with the customer, in order to create a cooperation that thanks to Nicola’s professionalism, correctness, listening skills and the high quality of the product, always becomes a lasting relationship based on trust. Solaris products focus on the production of vegetable tanned shoulders and butts for belts, belt liners and leather goods. Upon customer’s request, the typical cowhide leather for belts and leather goods. We channel our energies in the constant improvement of the items produced in the past, we adapt them to the most advanced technologies, our aim is to give full satisfaction to the customer customizing the product that is most suitable for the creation of his own accessory.